Roofs are one of the most important parts of a house. They provide protection from the elements, and they also add value to your property. If your roof is damaged or worn out, it can cause serious problems.

Roofs are vulnerable to damage from weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail storms, snow, strong wind, and extreme temperatures. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) estimates that over $1 billion worth of insurance claims are filed each year due to storm damage.

Here are 6 warning signs that you need a roof replacement:

Your Roof is Old

Roofs can last decades if properly maintained. Roof replacement costs vary widely depending on the type of material used, its age, and its location. Typical asphalt shingles have a life expectancy of 20-25 years. If that time period has passed, it may be time to start planning for a replacement.

Saggy or Droopy Spots

If you notice drooping or sagging areas on your roof, it may mean there is damage underneath. You should always check your roof before going anywhere near it. If you feel uncomfortable about walking on it, then you need to call a roofing contractor immediately.

Exterior Damage

It doesn’t matter whether your roof is brand new or an old relic. A visual inspection is always recommended, so check the surface for signs of damage. If your roof is made of asphalt or wood shingles, you should inspect them regularly. Look for signs of wear, including curled or broken shingles, missing pieces, or damaged areas. Metal, slate, rubber, clay, or concrete tiles will need to be inspected regularly, too. You may notice cracks or other damage, especially if your roof has been leaking.

Roof Leaks

As you inspect your roof, pay special attention to any areas that are more vulnerable to leaks. These can include the sloped surfaces that face directly toward the sun, as well as the valleys at the bottom of your roof. Valleys direct rainwater away from your house and into gutters, which collect the water and carry it away from your property. If you notice damage in your valleys, you’re likely to experience leaking problems. Your gutters should also be inspected for cracks, holes, or other potential leak sources.

It’s important to remember that a leaky roof will eventually result in water damage if left unattended. If the leak is small, you might not notice it until you see signs of mold growth inside your walls. If you wait too long, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs. Hiring a professional roofer to check out your roof before calling an insurance company is an inexpensive way to protect yourself against future problems.

Your Neighbors Are Having Theirs Done

For homeowners in developments and subdivisions, the sight of roofers in the neighborhood might be a sign. Most developments grow a few houses at a time, meaning that many of the homes are relatively the same age. Since these houses often use the same roofing materials purchased by the builder, the roofs should age at a similar rate. If you notice your neighbor replacing their roof, get yours inspected to see if it’s time for yours, too.

Grit in the Gutters

Asphalt shingles have grit or granules embedded in their surface. These granules create a barrier between the shingle and the sun. It’s normal for a little bit of grit to loosen up and fall off, but if you notice more & more granules collecting in your gutters, there might be an issue. Without the grit, the sun will bale the shingles and cause them to warp, cup, or deteriorate.

Need a Roof Inspection?

The first step in getting your roof replaced is getting an inspection & an estimate. When you partner with Tristate Roofing & Remodeling, we will walk you through the process of choosing the right roof for your home. Contact us today to get started!